When you’re experiencing a difficult time getting a phone contract due to bad credit, one quick and easy alternative worth considering is getting a bad credit mobile phone. As its name implies, this type of deal exists to cater to the part of the market that gets rejected by major carriers. Like with traditional phone contracts, bad credit phones come with its set of pros and cons. Here’s a quick guide to bad credit phones to help with your decision:

What are bad credit phones?

As mentioned, bad credit phones are offered specifically for people with bad credit problems. If your phone contract application was ever rejected or refused because of your poor credit rating, bad credit phones are accessible alternatives that let you choose a mobile phone and a bundle plan.

It works just like the standard contract phone offered for people with good credit. You have to a monthly fee of the duration of the contract.

What are the advantages?

One of the best advantages of a bad credit phone deal is the no credit check rule. Providers of such deals do not require customers to have a good credit score hence the super quick and easy approval. Whether you have a history of default or CCJs, you can still get a suitable deal provided that you meet the eligibility criteria. Another advantage is availability. You can easily apply for a bad credit phone online. Just make sure the provider has a solid track record before closing any deal.

How about the disadvantages?

As for the disadvantages, bad credit phone deals are not going to be as affordable as standard phone contracts. Your monthly fee may be higher than usual. This is how providers justify the high risks involved when approving your application. Another downside is the limited handset choices. While your bad credit score is not a factor for your approval, it can affect the type of mobile phones available for your plan. In most cases, you may not have access to the latest smartphones because of your bad credit score.