What are the requirements needed to apply for a bad credit phone?

To apply for a bad credit phone, you only need to meet the basic requirements. One, you must of legal age. Two, you must live in the UK. Three, you must have proof of steady income. Other documents you need to prepare include your proof of identification, billing address and bank details for automatic debit deduction to cover for the monthly payments.

What types of mobile phones are available?

We offer all types of mobile phones from older models to the latest releases. Our selection carries a wide variety of brands including Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Lenovo, Nokia and many more.

Do you run credit checks on your customers?

As a brand dedicated to help people with bad credit, Glenfield Phones does not require any credit check on our customers. No matter your credit score or credit history, we welcome you to apply for a suitable contract phone plan with us.

Do you have hidden fees?

All fees associated with your phone contract are disclosed prior to your applications approval. For more details about these fees and related charges, we encourage customers to read the small print for more information.

What if I am self-employed? Can I still apply?

As a standard, we require customers to be fully employed to be eligible for a bad credit phone. However, we can also be flexible with our terms. If you are self-employed with proof of sufficient income, you are welcome to apply. We will assess your financial circumstance and recommend phone deals suitable for your capability to pay the monthly fee.

How long do phone contracts last?

Our phone deals come with a 24-month term. Once approved for a deal, you will need to pay a fixed fee per month for the next 2 years. The fee will cover the cost of your handset and your phone service allowance. Once fully paid off, you can opt to upgrade to a better phone or a better plan package.

Do you require an upfront fee?

Depending on the type of mobile phone you prefer, there may be an upfront fee you need to pay. This is usually true for high-end handsets. If you want the latest iPhone 6S, for example, you will be required to pay a substantial upfront fee to lower the monthly fee as well as the risks on your provider’s end.

What happens if I miss a payment?

When you miss your monthly fee payments, there are associated fees and chargers you may incur. To avoid additional cost to your phone bill, we recommend paying your bill on or before the due date. You may also set-up an automatic debit deduction for your payment method so you’ll never a miss a payment. Deductions are automatic hence more convenient on your end.