Applying for a phone contract deal is no easy task. If you want to get the most value out of the deal, you need to carefully consider your options. There are literally thousands of phone deals to choose from and you need to consider key factors such as the following when comparing your options.

Handset selection

If you’re very particular with your handset choice then you need to check out the available offers from different carriers. If you want the latest iPhone, for example, make sure your carrier has the model included in their selection. You also have to note other factors such as monthly fees and bundle offers. To compare iPhone offers available in the UK market today, go to

Bundle plans

Aside from your handset, another major consideration is your bundle plan. This plan dictates the monthly allowance you can enjoy for your call, text and data needs. When comparing a deal, make sure you find the right balance for all phone services. But more importantly, aim to choose a bundle plan that is perfectly in sync with your monthly usage.

Contract term

You’ll also have to note the contract term. In general, most pay monthly contracts are available for 24 months. If you think that’s too long, you can apply for a 12-month or 18 - month contract. Either way, you will be required to pay a fee each month until end of contract.

Monthly cost

The fixed monthly fee is also very important. Remember that you’ll have to pay for said fee each month. You don’t want to apply for a plan that you cannot afford. Set your budget prior to your application so you know what to look for. Also keep in mind that the monthly fee may increase if you exceed your monthly allowance for call, text and data.